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ProdensaFeb 26, 2020 4:11:00 PM2 min read

Strategies for a Successful Project Management

If you are looking for strategies for a successful project management, we can help you find a solution. Project managers must coordinate every project seeking for customer satisfaction but also, company’s profitability and positive company´s brand market positioning for a successful project management.

Prodensa has supported more than 600 foreign manufacturing projects with successful strategies of Project Management Methodology. This methodology considers every stage and challenge of the projects. 

At Prodensa, we can proudly say our Project Managers have the company´s DNA. Prodensa´s philosophy is focused on serving our clients with passion. Also, Prodensa is a company that has a strong structure and solid experience in successful project management.

Ricardo Martinez, one of our Business Development Managers shares his experience in Project Managment with successful operations. He has applied different strategies and best practices that ensures a successful project management. According to Ricardo Martinez, these are some tips that will lead you to a succesful Project Management.

Processes must focus on the client

Communication and collaboration between the different areas must have a common goal: Customer satisfaction. Sometimes every area is concerned of their own process losing the big picture. This generates obstacles in communication impacting the ultimate result; satisfy your customer. It is vital in every project to have processes having always in mind your client´s satisfaction.

Identify inefficient processes

Your internal structure should allow the evaluation of processes to avoid waste of the resources, once you have identified those leaks a redesign must take place in order to have a lean management. 


Leonardo Da Vinci used to say “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ; manufacturing projects must look for simple processes that add value to their clients, identify those steps that add more value to your clients and generate a new focus of the process in order to improve the results of your operation.

Customer Satisfaction Culture 

Measure customer satisfaction; this should be one of the main KPIs for every operation.

I have seen in some projects a great practice: in the same way they measure days without accidents they also measure days without customer complaints. 

Customer satisfaction culture must be driven on every area. If a complaint arrives, this should be seen as a gift for the operation, an opportunity for learning and growth. Of course we will have to take the necessary steps to correct what went wrong and have the proper processes supporting  this ongoing learning. Having this in place, will definitely keep a project on the game.

Set SMART goals

SMART is an acronym that you can use to guide your goal setting, to make sure the goals that you create for your project are appropriate and motivating:

  • Specific: Generate simple, sensible and significant goals.
  • Measurable: Make sure that your goals are meaningful and motivating
  • Achievable: Set every goal step by step, realistic and attainable.
  • Relevant: Set reasonable, resourced and results-based goals.
  • Time bound: Time-base and specify the date when you expect to complete the goal.


Follow up and execution 

Follow up is extremely important in every project, but this phase is often neglected. Project Managers must ensure that the key participants on the project are completing on time and with the required quality  the key deliverables that will guarantee the project success. 


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