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Through our people, network, and leadership, we drive results that transform productivity, positively impacting the community.

Our Approach

It all starts with the right set of mind. It all starts with The Prodensa Way.

With more than 35 years of successful experience and know-how in consulting, start up and shelter in Mexico and North America, we have been able to develop an expansive and adaptable process that fosters growth and excellence. Our broad expertise in the manufacturing industry in Mexico leads us to provide market insights and key resolutions to effective implementation. We aim for decisive working intelligence for worldwide success. 

Prodensa News

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Emilio Cadena presentó cifras IMMEX sobre crecimiento de empleos vs 2019

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¿Qué ambiente habrá en la reunión entre la vicepresidenta de EU, Kamala Harris y el presidente de México?

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Prevén “boom” para proveeduría automotriz en Baja California

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La obligatoriedad de las vacunas

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Entrevista a Mónica Lugo por Imagen Radio

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