How is digital transformation impacting your trade compliance strategy?

trade compliance strategy

How is digital transformation impacting your trade compliance strategy? Multinational companies investing in Mexico have a great concern about minimizing their risks levels regarding taxes and customs duties, particularly in a changing and complex regulatory environment. Trade compliance requires strict observance of provisions comprised in various laws such as customs, value-added tax, general import and […]

Manufacturing in Mexico: Shelter Operations

aerospace industry manufacturing in mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico: Shelter Operations. An interview between Queretaro’s Aerocluster and Prodensa. Foreign manufacturers have several options to pursue when setting up a manufacturing operation in Mexico. The Shelter option is one of the smoothest, safest, and most competitive structures for manufacturing projects. It has been specifically preferred by many Aerospace Industry companies that decided […]

Lauak Aerospace’s First Manufacturing Operation in Mexico

LAUAK AEROSPACE’s SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH OF ITS FIRST MANUFACTURING OPERATION IN MEXICO: PRODENSA’s TESTIMONIAL During the spring of 2018, we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Guillaume Bajolet, VP of North American Sales for Lauak Aerospace, who at that time had just relocated with his family to Canada, near Montreal. Given the expansion efforts and strategy […]

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility  In today’s challenging times, the needs of the less favored people certainly increase. As a paradox, the private sector’s efforts to lend a hand tend to diminish since companies are thriving to ensure their own business continuity.   However, the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSRs) is high because it […]

Teletrabajo en México

Teletrabajo en México

Queda aprobada la creación de la figura del trabajo en modalidad teletrabajo en México Estas nuevas disposiciones no fueron elaboradas pensando en la pandemia. Esta iniciativa viene desde el año pasado y busca reglamentar el teletrabajo en México como una MODALIDAD de trabajo que en su caso tiene que ser acordada entre patrón y trabajador. […]

Home Office Survival Guide

Home Office Survival Guide As our days of work from home are getting extended, it is good to review the space in which we work remotely. It´s easy to lose track of our current tasks at home. And certainly, also many stimuli disturb us. Many of us must devote ourselves to our children and pets, […]

Shelter in Mexico Recent Changes

Shelter in Mexico Recent changes

Shelter in Mexico Recent Changes In the last couple of years, there have been several changes to the Shelter modality in Mexico. They are mainly related to fiscal rules and the term under which a company can operate under a Shelter. The last modifications in January 2020 minimized the fiscal benefits of the Shelter modality. […]

Labor Law Reform: a Long Way to Go

On the first of May 2019 the Official Journal of the Federation of the new Federal Labor Law published, by instruction of the federal executive, the reform of said legislation that in previous days and weeks was approved before the deputy chamber, and later approved by the republican senate.