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ProdensaNov 2, 2019 12:37:00 PM1 min read

The QG100 Network: Mexico´s competitive advantages

Emilio Cadena, CEO Prodensa participated as a speaker in the QG100 Network in Quebec, Canada.

Emilio Cadena, CEO Prodensa participated as a speaker in the QG100 Network with the topic: Mexico´s competitive advantages. Cadena, as a representative of the foreign investment in Mexico and with his expertise in the manufacturing industry shared his insights among several industrial representatives.

World leading entrepreneurs, authorities, experts and industry leaders exchanged valuable information during this event. Some of the topics that mentioned were: corporate responsibility, innovation, technology, and strategy.

QG100 Network

The QG100 Network is a private not-for-profit organization whose goal is to contribute to fostering the growth of successful companies in Quebec by accelerating their sustainable development on a global scale. Bringing together 100 Quebec companies who make over $25M in sales revenues and are established on several continents. The network fosters the tangible and confidential sharing of know-how.

  • Experts recognized internationally: industry leaders who demystify economic, geopolitical, and corporate trends of today and tomorrowç
  • Examination of member case studies: Network content for Network use that brings our companies’ best practices to the forefront.
  • Exchanges and workshops: discussions and tools allowing for rapid impact on a company, from a strategic or tactical perspective.

This network offers a methodology called “The E³ Methodology” which includes the following:

In the following link you can find additional information of the QG100 Network:


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We approach each of our projects always trying to improve on what we have learned and crafting better implementation of our support system. This is how we create productivity that improves companies and transforms communities.

Our philosophy of constant innovation becomes knowledge, our knowledge becomes flawless execution.

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