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ProdensaNov 16, 2019 12:46:00 PM1 min read

El Buen Mexicano: The new fiscal reform from the Mexican IRS

Are you aware of the new fiscal reform? We explain to you in a few steps how to keep your fiscal operation compliant.

In September 2019, the Mexican IRS established a new program called “El Buen Mexicano”. This program consists in a Decalogue of good practices in fiscal matters, and require companies to ensure their ecosystem is compliant with the IRS Reform.

The Ten Commandments of “El Buen Mexicano”

  1. I can be reached, at the addresses that I have registered at the IRS.
  2. I am always compliant and up to date with my tax obligations.
  3. I am responsible for my fiscal situation and shall check-in with the IRS periodically.
  4. I am honest in relation to all income, expenses that I declare, and use lawful sources of financing.
  5. I shall report any illegal activities to the IRS.
  6. I am responsible to ensure that I, or my organization doesn´t do business with companies that are on “The Blacklist”.
  7. I verify the existence of the fiscal address of my suppliers.
  8. I shall ensure that my Outsourced Human Resource partner complies with applicable laws and regulations..
  9. In the event I use imported goods, I am responsible to ensure the goods were imported legally.
  10. I shall implement procedures to ensure my company is compliant with “El Buen Mexicano” program.



Mexican Fiscal Reform is a serious matter. Here at Prodensa we can help you become “El Buen Mexicano” and be compliant.

Our expert audit team can train and provide corrective actions on any non-compliant issues. Prodensa State of the Art compliance system will keep your organization on track and provide you with a “Live” dashboard providing a status of all your trading partners.

Strategic knowledge and a culture of innovation are the basis of the accomplishments and solutions we have shared with over  700 clients among a broad field of industries.

At Prodensa we approach each project striving for excellence, our 35 years of experience and 700 professionals that form part of the Prodensa family, we have influenced and transformed organizations and brought multiple cultures together.

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