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ProdensaMar 12, 2024 10:57:00 AM3 min read

The Aerospace Industry in Mexico

The aerospace industry in Mexico has emerged as one of the key cornerstones of the country’s manufacturing economy.

The aerospace industry has contributed significantly to the nation’s economic growth, job creation, and technological advancement in recent years. Over the past two decades, Mexico has strategically positioned itself as a significant player in the global aerospace market.


Overall, the industry comprises suppliers that manufacture parts and components for the commercial, civil, and private transport sectors. The Mexican transport sectors currently account for 29% of Mexican exports and approximately 3.5% of the national Gross Domestic Product. The aerospace industry in Mexico directly employs over 60,000 workers. In total supports 1.4 million workers throughout related industries in Mexico.


The aerospace industry is the most dynamic sector in Mexico, with 14% sustainable growth over the past 15 years.

Mexico’s Aerospace Market

Mexico’s Aerospace Industry is projected to grow to over $11 billion by 2029. The favorable ecosystem for the manufacturing sector and the low production costs in the country are attracting investments from aerospace manufacturing firms, thereby driving market growth. The capabilities of Mexican manufacturers include several tier 1, 2 and 3 components, ranging from turbines, fuselages, and sensors for jet engines to fasteners in the fuselage. The decreased cost of logistics for components sourced in Mexico has influenced global companies to look at Mexico as a viable solution to counter the supply chain issues and reduce expenses.

With Mexico specializing in the production of aerospace materials and the demand for regional aviation parts on the rise, the country is set to become an aerospace manufacturing powerhouse in the coming future. Mexico collaborates with the U.S. as co-producers in all industry areas:


Mexico offers foreign manufacturing companies incentives and export programs to operate in the country. The sector is projected to continue its growth path.


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Aerospace Clusters in Mexico

The aerospace industry in Mexico has witnessed exponential growth, with distinct clusters forming nationwide. The most prominent aerospace clusters are strategically located in states such as Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, and Querétaro. These clusters have become integral to the industry’s success due to their proximity to major markets, logistical advantages, and a skilled workforce.


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Mexico Aerospace Talent in Mexico

During the last few years, the number of factories and engineering centers that have been established in Mexico has grown. Impacted by COVID-19, the industry is expected to fully recover by the end of 2024, and continue growing beyond. The Secretary of Economy of Mexico estimates that by 2025, the aerospace industry will be the 10th most important globally, with employment topping 110,000 in the country.


Mexico has been developing special educational programs aimed at increasing the skills level of Mexican students. In the 2022-2023 academic year, over 25,000 students graduated from programs related to the aerospace. This includes technical and bachelor degrees in mechanical, electrical engineering, physics and astronomy and computer science.


Recently, new aerospace research centers are rising, fueling R&D for not just cutting-edge turbines and motors. But also innovative solutions for complex systems, software, and even manufacturing processes. About 13% of Mexico’s aerospace companies focus on research and development. Some of those facilities:

  • Center of Aeronautical Technologies of Queretaro
  • Industrial Development and Engineering Center of Queretaro
  • CONCAMIN-Mexico France Chamber Innovation & Design Center of Tijuana
  • UANL/CIIA Aerospace Research Center of Nuevo Leon
  • Institute of Aerospace and Advance Manufacturing of Sonora

Prodensa as Copilots

We continue to work very closely with our aerospace clients. Prodensa is unique in that we serve our clients throughout all aerospace clusters in Mexico. This allows us to gain expertise in managing operations and apply that knowledge to new challenges and opportunities.

Prodensa stands out as a champion of nearshoring in Mexico. Our extensive network and robust support infrastructure position us are the forefront of this strategic shift. This is empowering businesses to streamline operations and unlock new possibilities in Mexico.

Our goal is to support our clients in finding the right location that will inhibit them to grow and become Employers of Choice in their markets. Further, to develop a strong talent pipeline and establish trustworthy suppliers. These are the keys to sustainable operations in Mexico for aerospace companies.

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