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ProdensaMay 12, 2023 2:52:00 PM1 min read

Tijuana EDC presents its “Shelter Investment Guide”

It is now available on the Tijuana EDC website, which details the advantages and strengths of investing through this model.


In order to offer potential investors more accurate information, Tijuana Economic Development Corporation (Tijuana EDC), has prepared a “Shelter Investment Guide” detailing everything related to starting industrial operations in three months in Baja California.

Cristina Hermosillo, President of Tijuana EDC, explained that this guide was created by the five shelters that are part of Tijuana EDC, which includes an introduction and an economic context of the region.

“It is a guide that talks about the advantages offered by a legal shelter in Mexico and in Baja California; how is the process of covering a shelter and the idea is to understand how it works, what benefits it offers, and in what type of operations it is convenient to make an investment through this model,” she noted.


This guide, added the leader, also addresses the specialization of the different shelters in the state, how they help to reduce costs, and the strengths they provide such as human resources, import-export, transportation, and taxes, among other factors.

In this way, said Cristina Hermosillo, the prospective investor can have all the information on how a shelter works through this guide, and how to start operations in three months.

Likewise, he informed that the shelters located in Baja California currently maintain 300 industrial operations, generating 50 thousand direct jobs.

Finally, Carlos Loyola, Business Development Director of Prodensa, mentioned that considering the trend of high demand for industrial spaces, there is a projected investment of 635 million dollars by developers, from land, construction, and project, which could create between 15 thousand to 20 thousand new jobs by 2023 in Tijuana.


Source: El Mexicano