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Yoelle RojasFeb 1, 2020 1:52:00 PM2 min read

The Art of Creating an Effective Communication in Your Workplace

Creating an effective communication in your workplace is key for a successfull business. But first of all, we need to understand what is effective communication. Here we will explain it to you, and how can you implement it in your workplace for better practices.

What is effective communication?

To begin with, effective communication is a form of communication in which a message is transmitted in a clear and understandable way for your partner(s), without creating confusion, doubts or misinterpretations.

To establish effective communication it is necessary to know characteristics such as the personality, environment and culture of the receptor. It is not the same to communicate with a person from our environment who has the same cultural references as with a person from a very different environment or culture.

How can you create an effective communication in your workplace?

In business environment it is very important to maintain clear and understandable communication but above all, based on a business culture. This helps individuals to communicate in the same language and with the same references, regardless of their nationality or origin. This is a constant in the most successful companies. All of them, have a solid culture and values that allow their employees to have a reference and communicate clearly. Communication can be about: the vision, direction and objectives of the organization. The organizational culture goes hand in hand with corporate communication.

There are many ways to communicate internally to employees the corporate culture. According to Yoelle Rojas, PR Director at Prodensa, the best tool is through the example of the leaders. When leaders are congruent and follow to the organizational culture, communication flows by way of example. Employees develop a sense of pride in their culture and gladly share it. This allowing the culture to continue to permeate new members of the organization.

Also, it is very useful to make use of social networks, newsletters and internal communications. By using them, you can make reminders of the values and references that are shared in the company. Involving people in these efforts has been very beneficial to our organization. It has allowed us to discover fresh ideas to effectively communicate our values, messages, vision and culture, not only internally, but also externally to the group. This shared pride in our work culture has led us to be one of the best companies to work for in Mexico today.

As leaders, it is necessary to have a clear vision and culture of the organization in order to communicate effectively. This provides security to our colleagues, which helps us establish objectives and achievable goals that ensure the success of teamwork.


Author: Yoelle Rojas, Public Relations Director at Prodensa.

About the author

Yoelle Rojas, Director of Public Relations is in charge of a multidisciplinary team that makes sure the standing of the image, brand and also voice of Prodensa are always strong across the world. From brand management to the creative development area of the company, no two days are quite the same for her.

Using her former experience at the Mexican Maquila Association (INDEX), Infosys and Cemex, she has been able to show a diverse outlook that makes her well-versed in manufacturing market expertise, business development and also, global institutional relations.  She also supports the company on its advisory roles for Mexican governments on foreign investment attraction. A challenging position where public relations meet investment opportunities.  

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