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ProdensaAug 23, 2019 3:07:00 PM1 min read

Mexico's Manufacturing Competitiveness in a Global Context

Emilio Cadena, President & CEO of Prodensa shares his insights about Mexico´s Manufacturing Competitiveness at the 5th Industrial Meeting by DIMBC in Baja California.


“The game has changed and the players too”, says Emilio Cadena, President & CEO of Prodensa.

Nowadays there are a lot of external factors that affect Mexico such as: free trade agreements, geo-political conflicts, and the US-MEX relationship. With his experience in the manufacturing industry, Cadena says that it is important to analyze Mexico’s manufacturing competitiveness in a global context to realize where we at, make new strategies, and change the game plan.

According to the IMD World Competitiveness Center, Mexico has many opportunity areas that can work on, in the overall charts including 63 countries. In the other hand, Mexico is more competitive and attractive in the manufacturing industry because its location and relation with US and Canada that are always on top in the competitiveness charts. But the country needs to analyze what other factors can be developed to improve their results. Subsequently, comes the big question: What to do as a country?

At the 5th Industrial Meeting by DIMBC, Emilio Cadena shared his insights of Mexico’s Manufacturing and mentioned how Mexico could increase the income and well-being of the employees using the competitiveness and ethics for the companies as a tool of improvement.

You can find additional information of the event in the following link:


To make a positive change he mentions a simple equation:

Competitiveness + Ethics = Economic Development = Better Job Opportunities

= Progression with Social Justice.

As a company, Cadena recommends focusing in the following topics that he considers the game plan:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Culture
  • Human Talent
  • Company Support
  • Management Models

In conclusion, it is important to have a philosophy in our companies that the people would like and make them sum up, only employing is not enough. This is the key to Mexico’s manufacturing competitiveness in a global context.