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Carlos LoyolaFeb 19, 2024 12:08:00 PM2 min read

Manufacturing Independence in Mexico

From sanctuary to soaring – how some companies benefit from manufacturing independence in Mexico.


Imagine. You’ve been manufacturing in Mexico under a shelter operations model with a local partner, and now you’re ready to spread your wings. But the transition from a shelter model to a standalone operation can seem daunting.

That’s where we come in. A copilots to growth, we have guided multiple companies to operational independence in Mexico.

Supporting Manufacturing Independence

For companies whose business plan supports manufacturing independence, Prodensa can help them take flight and flourish in their venture.

  • Charting your Course – we will work closely with you to develop a customized roadmap for independence, while detecting risks and adjusting the plan to mitigate them
  • Getting your Wings – from selecting the right site to the final transfer of operations, Prodensa applies years of experience serving clients with custom and diverse operations
  • Building your Air Traffic Control – our project management methodology equips you with the skills to navigate the challenges of running your own show
  • Soaring with Confidence – our material experts provide ongoing guidance and navigation every step of the way

Leaving the shelter is a bold move, but it’s one that could propel your business to new heights. In many cases, the operations model can change without the need to vacate your current manufacturing facility.

We are here to be your copilots, guiding you through the transition and helping you reach your full potential. You’ll never feel alone in the vast blue sky.

Benefits to a Standalone Operation

Some companies benefit from a standalone or independent manufacturing operation in Mexico.

  • Isolate the Operation – this can be beneficial if there is a concern for risk from a multitenant operation that may share permits, trade incentives or tax structures
  • Quality – maintaining full control over quality can enhance brand reputation and customer trust
  • Customization – over time business plans can change, and the ability to reevaluate the business structure can identify new opportunities
  • Growth Potential – as a standalone operation, you have the opportunity to expand and scale your business without any restrictions or limitations
  • Ownership – gaining full ownership and control of your operations allow you to make decisions based on what is best for your business plan and growth strategy
  • Relationships – having a direct relationship to suppliers gives leverage to negotiate terms and build more robust relationships
  • Employer of Choice – full control over the definition of organizational development, compensation, labor environment, company culture and brand

Ready to take the leap?


Contact me to schedule an introductory call about manufacturing independence in Mexico. Let’s talk about your goals, your current structure, your current resources, and your concerns. The transition from a shelter model to standalone operations requires careful planning and execution; we are here to support you.


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