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Humberto EliasMay 13, 2024 9:30:00 AM9 min read

Employer of record services for nearshoring in mexico

Employer of record services for nearshoring in mexico

One of the strategies that top executives tap into when establishing a footprint in Mexico is Employer of Record (EOR) services. With rising costs in traditional offshore locations and disruptions to supply chains, companies are increasingly looking to relocate their operations footprint. Mexico, with its proximity to the US market, skilled workforce, and established trade agreements, has emerged as a prime destination for this trend.

Navigating the complexities of global expansion can be a challenging venture for any business looking to grow beyond its own borders. In Mexico, adapting to the talent market, while learning to manage the local labor system and maintaining compliance with national labor laws is a crucial step for establishing a scalable operation.

This comprehensive guide will equip Global Shared Service executives with the knowledge needed to understand EOR services in Mexico, the benefits they offer, and how to capitalize on the growing nearshoring trend in professional services.

Understanding Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Employer of Record (EOR) services take the burden of hiring and managing employees off your shoulders. When you partner with an EOR, they legally become the employer for tax and administrative purposes. This model gives companies a strategic advantage by allowing them to focus on their core business functions rather than the complexities of payroll, benefit administration, taxes, and employment compliance.

In a global context, EOR services are becoming most relevant. They provide the legal framework to employ workers under the laws of the host country while removing the requirement of establishing a legal entity, which can often be a complicated process for Corporations.

Mexican Labor Law

An Employer of Record (EOR) acts as a legal employer for your team. They handle all the administrative tasks associated with hiring and managing employees, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Using an EOR in Mexico involves contracting a specialized service provider, who then takes on the responsibilities associated with employing workers according to the local labor laws. The service provider is responsible for the statutory employer obligations, acting not only as the employer on paper but also in practice, handling all interactions with the employees, the government, and other relevant parties.

How EOR Services Work

Hiring in Mexico through an EOR service is a collaborative process, and the service provider should handle everything from contract management to ongoing legal compliance. EOR activities usually include:

  • Recruitment support to identify candidates that meet a specific job requirement and skills set.
  • Salary benchmark and calculation of labor offer, and monthly cost.
  • Labor offer and negotiation, onboarding and registration, open bank accounts.
  • Process and pay salary (usually biweekly basis), local taxes, social security, benefits premiums.
  • Employee support, holidays calendar, vacation administration, special documentation.
  • Travel expense administration, office lease administration, purchasing of work tools, etc.
  • All legal employer compliance, taxes, profit-sharing calculations.
  • Offboarding, contract termination and/or severance administration.

An Employer of Record acts as a bridge, streamlining the process and handling the complexities of employment. The benefit of having a specialized employer partner allows your company to focus on the activities and supervision of the employee(s). Additionally, a local partner to provide hands-on support throughout Mexico gives your employee(s) an accessible contact and HR department, fully knowledgeable of all regulations and best practices.

Benefits of EOR in Mexico for Nearshoring

One of the biggest challenges companies face when nearshoring to Mexico is building a local team. Setting up a legal entity, navigating complex labor laws, and ensuring payroll compliance can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where Employer of Record (EOR) services come into play.

Not only does it save time and reduce risk but it also offers:

  • Faster Market Entry: setting up a subsidiary in Mexico can take months; available incentive programs can take up to a year to establish. An EOR allows you to start hiring immediately, accelerating your entry into the Mexican labor market.
  • Reduced Overhead: EORs eliminate the need to set up a separate legal entity, reducing administrative costs associated with running an services operation in Mexico.
  • Reduced Risk and Complexity: EORs take care of all employment-related legalities, including payroll processing, taxes and social security contributions. This reduces your risk of non-compliance and allows you to distance yourself from the complexities of Mexican labor law.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: EORs eliminate the upfront costs associated with establishing a legal entity. You pay an invoice of the cost of the employee(s) you have on board. Some EORs in Mexico, like Prodensa, provide a binational solution where the service in invoiced domestically in the United States.
  • Talent Acquisition and Management: Many EORs have expertise in recruiting and onboarding talent in Mexico. They are experts in finding qualified candidates, validate their background, and provide support with bringing them on board.
  • Flexibility: EOR agreements are typically flexible and scalable. You can easily adjust your team size as your business evolves.
  • Peace of Mind: With an EOR handling HR complexities, you can focus on managing your team and achieving business goals. A high level of communication with your EOR partner in Mexico ensures business continuity and avoidance of costly mistakes.
  • Diversity: Hiring international workforce through an EOR provides a cost-effective route to a diverse and robust talent structure.

Nearshoring Shared Service Centers or R&D Centers to Mexico is a trendy strategy, not only for a general reduction in operation costs, and other efficiency gains. These operations typically handle administrative functions like accounting, human resources, and IT support as well as knowledge functions such as software development, research, or testing alongside core business operations, such as manufacturing. Utilizing an EOR simplifies the process of establishing and managing a talent center in Mexico, while providing a team with expertise on the matter, which results in flexibility, and a quick operation set-up.

How to Hire via EOR in Mexico

The Ideal Candidate for an EOR Solution

EOR services are a smart choice for a variety of companies considering nearshoring to Mexico. They are particularly beneficial for:

  • Startups and SMEs: EORs provide a cost-effective and efficient way to establish a presence in Mexico without the burden of setting up a subsidiary. It can also be ideal to have an international cost center (instead of a subsidiary) in order to be attractive and agile in the dynamic marketplace.
  • Companies with Limited HR Resources: EORs alleviate the strain on your existing HR team, allowing them to focus on core functions. For those companies new to international business, a trusted EOR partner provides you peace of mind.
  • Organizations in a Growth Phase: EORs offer flexibility and scalability, making them ideal for companies on an upward trajectory.
  • Organizations with offshore Service Centers: reducing the distance and aligning time zones can mean productivity gains. Employees in Mexico share the majority of fundamental holidays with the U.S.


Hiring Talent via an EOR in Mexico

Hiring through an EOR in Mexico requires a structured approach:

  1. Identify your Hiring Needs - clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the positions you need to fill.
  2. Choose the Right EOR - Find a provider with a good reputation, experience in Mexican labor laws, and a track record of success.
  3. Agreement and Onboarding - Agree on terms and scope of service with the EOR, understand roles and responsibilities of each party in the agreement.
  4. Working Together - Maintain clear communication and expectations between companies and ensure documentation is provided at all steps.
  5. Legal and Tax Compliance - Rely on the EOR's expertise to ensure all local legal and tax requirements are met without fail. Request proof.
  6. Building Relationships - EOR's can support in fostering a positive employer-employee relationship that is beneficial to all parties. Some can provide different solutions and operations models that better suit the project as it evolves and matures.


Selecting an EOR Partner

When selecting an EOR partner in Mexico, consider the following factors:

  • Experience and Track Record:Choose an EOR with a proven track record of success in supporting foreign companies in Mexico.
  • Footprint and Scope: Select a partner with a local presence and hands-on support in building teams and fostering relationships.
  • Industry Expertise:Look for an EOR with experience in your specific industry. Compensation packages vary, so getting the right intelligence from the beginning is crucial to talent acquisition and retention.
  • Service Offerings:Ensure the EOR provides all the services you need, including recruitment, payroll, and benefits administration.
  • Compliance and Reputation:Verify the EOR is fully compliant with Mexican labor laws and has a strong reputation in the market. The employees you choose must also feel confident.
  • Cost Structure:Understand the EOR's fee structure and ensure it aligns with your budget. Make sure billing is transparent, and annual benefits payments (required by law) do not catch you by surprise.

By following these steps, you can leverage EOR services effectively and be well on your way to establishing a successful workforce in Mexico. By leveraging EOR services, companies can overcome the challenges of nearshoring and build a high-performing team in Mexico. EORs offer a gateway to Mexico's skilled workforce, allowing you to tap into a pool of qualified talent and enhance your global competitiveness.

Mindfacturing® in Mexico – A Strategic Approach


What is Mindfacturing®?

Mindfacturing® by Prodensa is the Employer of Record Service driving innovation in North America by providing a streamlined solution to build talent centers alongside manufacturing or corporate operations. With Mexico's advantageous location, diverse talent pool, and increasing adoption of technological advancements, the country is drawing more companies towards this strategic approach.

Mindfacturing® is a business model that allows clients to hire talent in Mexico via a binational EOR solution. Mexican employees are hired locally according to all regulations and best practices, and the invoice for their cost is paid in the United States.

For global shared service executives looking to benefit from mindfacturing, understanding and utilizing EOR services in Mexico can bridge the gap between strategy and execution. It allows corporations to effectively tap into Mexico's potential without losing focus on their core business.

Why Prodensa?

Prodensa is a company whose core business resides in supporting foreign businesses start up in Mexico and North America. Mindfacturing® is one of many operational models which offers; we can also create subsidiaries, IMMEX companies, trading companies, or search for contract manufacturers, among others.

Prodensa proven track record has seen the hiring of over 300,000 employees in Mexico and has a strong presence in all major industrial and business cities in the country. Our hands-on approach to supporting clients gives them the peace of mind that some software applications cannot.

Prodensa offices throughout Mexico

We are proud to be a Best Place to Work in Mexico since 2011, and transmit our best practices to help our clients become Employers of Choice in Mexico.


Employer of Record services in Mexico can be your gateway to the lucrative business opportunities in this vibrant market. With the right acquisition of knowledge, partnerships with reliable EORs, and a strategic approach to hiring, your business can thrive in the Mexican economy, taking full advantage of its well-positioned profile in the global business ecosystem.

Remember, when considering establishing your business in Mexico, it is not only about the products you manufacture or services you mindfacture, but also the way you execute your corporate strategies using dependable tools like EOR services to operate in a foreign environment while staying compliant and efficient.

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