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ProdensaMay 21, 2020 9:00:00 AM2 min read

Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

Prodensa Collaboration with the Aerocluster of Queretaro


“It´s important that we come out of this not just okay, but reloaded and better than before.”

-Emilio Cadena, CEO Prodensa


The Prodensa team is working overtime to help clients understand how to traverse the rocky terrain. We are motivated by the opportunity to construct our “new normal” together, continually looking for improvements for efficiency. In our Consulting area, we are empowering sustainable decisions for clients with Business Continuity practices.


Business Continuity for COVID-19

We refer to Business Continuity in two main areas: Business Contingency and Risk Mitigation. Both concepts refer to the planning of scenarios as backup based on different market inputs or unforeseen situations. These should allow the company to map different courses of action that allow them to quickly respond. This agility and calculated responsiveness are what drives sustainability in the mid and long term.

In collaboration with the Aerocluster of Queretaro we leave our tips for creating a sustainable plan for COVID-19.

  • Generate a safety manual with the protocols. This is required for the prevention, care, and monitoring of COVID-19 in the workplace according to official regulations. The safety manual is the basis for safe and legal operations in Mexico. The guide should fulfill the federal safe operations check-list, along with local state recommendations. 
  • Maintain impeccable monitoring of the implementation, supervision, control, and daily reporting of the measures and applicable actions. This documentation is key evidence in preparing for an inspection, thus mitigating risks of production stoppage or shutdowns.
  • Have reliable suppliers of personal protective equipment, disinfectants, cleaning, and visual aids for area divisions and communications. Prepare for the new normal. Think about sustainable sourcing or producing products and services that fulfill your safe legal operations manual.  Even there might be a need for civil contractors to adapt facility spaces to the new requirements.
  • Ensure that the security conditions and good Human Resources practices exist. Increase the confidence of your staff in the relaunch of operations, which should be based on an internal and external communication plan. Create a Health Committee and begin company-wide communication and transparency of efforts made to keep employees safe at the workplace and at home.
  • Have an integral Public Relations, Institutional Relations, and Social Network plan. Be a socially engaged company and lead by example. Be a part of the solution and construct your new normal. You can do it by being a part of the conversation and bringing new solutions to the table. Your reputation is the most valuable asset to take care of.


About Prodensa

At Prodensa, we seek to make lemonade out of lemons. We maintain the safety of our employees and collaborators as a priority. Embracing this market disruption and creating our new narrative. We are part of the continued success of our clients at a moment when they need us most.


Tips for Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19 provided by Prodensa team:

Ricardo Martinez, Business Development Central Mexico. Ricardo has 9 years of experience in Project Management and has supported multiple manufacturing projects from diverse countries.

Jorge Ortega, Associate & Strategic Advisor. Jorge is firmly committed to guiding companies to achieve international success in their manufacturing operations in Mexico and has been supporting this effort for over 20 years.