The IMMEX Framework

The Mexican federal government created the IMMEX Program to promote foreign investment in Mexico. It allows companies to temporarily import goods for manufacturing, transformation, or repair for subsequent export or return abroad. This program grants access to import duties referral and a value-added tax credit program. However, companies are closely monitored and violations incur strict […]

Shelter Operations in Mexico 

manufacturing industry

Shelter Operations in Mexico     Foreign manufacturers have several options to pursue when setting up an operation in Mexico. Shelter Operations in Mexico is one of the smoothest, safest, and most competitive structures for manufacturing projects.   In this introductory article, we will summarize the reasons why the shelter operating structure continues to be very […]


The Austrian-American company began operations in Zacatecas, where the manufacturing plant will generate approximately 40 jobs with expansion possibilities. The new plant will be responsible of producing automotive parts for this particular industry, according to the director of Metal Forming, Peter Schwab; the government of Zacatecas provided with favorable conditions and will help the internationalization […]