Mexico’s Employment Law

Mexico’s employment law protects the rights of workers and promotes social justice. In recent years there has been a big push towards modernizing and updating Mexico’s employment laws to align with international standards and to promote economic growth. Did you know that Mexico was the first country in the world to recognize and make provisions […]

Prodensa’s CEO is the New Chairman of U.S.-Mexico Foundation Board 

Monterrey, Nuevo León – Prodensa, a leading global consulting firm specializing in business expansion and workforce solutions, proudly congratulates its CEO, Emilio Cadena, on his recent appointment as the Chairman of the Board for the U.S.-Mexico Foundation.  In a significant recognition of his leadership and commitment to fostering cross-border collaboration, Mr. Cadena will bring his […]

Mexico Outlook 2024: a Guide for the Private Sector

As we undergo the start of 2024, the relationship between the United States and Mexico stands at a crossroads. The crucial binational relationship is marked by collaboration and conflict, especially on the U.S.-Mexico border. Despite the pressing issues and mistrust, the interdependence of the two nations remains undeniable. There exist significant economic opportunities for Mexico, […]

The IMMEX Program in Mexico: a quick guide

IMMEX Program Simplified The Mexican IMMEX Program (Manufacturing, Maquila and Export Service Industry) is an instrument which allows companies to operate under a preferential tax and fiscal program. Foreign companies can transform and export goods or services temporarily brought to Mexico under this incentive program. The IMMEX Program aims to enable foreign companies to produce […]

The IMMEX Framework

The Mexican federal government created the IMMEX Program to promote foreign investment in Mexico. It allows companies to temporarily import goods for manufacturing, transformation, or repair for subsequent export or return abroad. This program grants access to import duties referral and a value-added tax credit program. However, companies are closely monitored and violations incur strict […]