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Yoelle RojasJul 22, 2021 1:44:00 PM3 min read

Branding and reputation your main allies to business continuity


One of the main steps of a company is to build and maintain good branding and reputation. Today everybody has access to social media, people’s voice is read and heard. This is something positive for you, always if you have a reputation strategy and communicate honestly and clearly.

At the core of risk management lies the increasingly important art and science of managing reputation.

Your business reputation impacts all the areas, a good or bad reputation is related to productivity, sales, staff turnover, talent attraction, delivery time, and institutional relations.

This article intends to provide you some recommendations to strengthen branding aligned with public relations and communications strategy to help you neutralize reputational risk with positive exposure.


How to Be the Company Where Everyone Wants to Work

 To be attractive to the best talent, a company must go beyond providing meaningful work for people to keep them satisfied and motivated. It must provide adequate and authentic communication about who they are and why they do what they do. It is imperative to create inclusive environments where people are heard.

Today, internal and external communication boundaries are uncertain, so companies must pursue their communication strategy with the commitment of leaders who reflect their mission and values.

Leaders must be prepared to answer questions and stay connected to employees, listening to their voices and concerns through needs and new alternatives to reward them meaningfully. Listening to your people and community can help you develop a strong employer brand facilitating talent attraction and strengthening your team’s belonging.


Why is branding important for the HR department?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines branding as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol to advertise its products and services.” Not so long ago, this was a pretty accurate description of branding. Nowadays, branding is the perfect ally for your Recruitment team. Why? A strong HR branding strategy can help your company attract the best candidates and provide a larger pool of potential employees to your company.

People listen to what is said about the companies they apply to work for. Your culture, values, and working environment are now part of your branding. In a competitive environment where all the companies look for the best candidates, bet on your branding for talent attraction and retention.


Benefits of Employer Branding

An effective employer branding strategy is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive landscape. Recruiters agree that employer branding significantly impacts hiring, and companies are investing more in employer branding since they have experienced the results.

Why are worldwide leaders investing in Employer Branding?

  • It lowers the cost-per-hire.
  • Your brand becomes more attractive to potential candidates.
  • You lower your advertising costs because referrals generate your candidates.
  • Acceleration on your hiring process.
  • Lows the employee turnover.
  • Talent retention.


Community Branding

 Community relations are critical for the continuity of your business. It is essential to establish and maintain a good relationship with the communities in which you operate; it is a milestone in your business continuity. Building relationships with the local communities can be one of the critical communication activities of an organization, yet it is often overlooked.

You can start a beneficial relationship between your company and the community by hosting a friendly meeting or an open house while listening and mapping out the community’s needs. By doing this, the community stakeholders will see your approachability. This practice will help you strengthen ties; thus, it is highly recommended to initiate community outreach programs consistent with your values. Communities appreciate that companies assist them with community development programs that improve the quality of the environment.

A solid community relations program can help any organization achieve good community branding.


About the Author

As Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Yoelle Rojas is in charge of a multidisciplinary team that makes sure the standing of the image, brand, and voice of Prodensa is always strong across the world. Using her former experience at the Mexican Maquila Association (INDEX), Infosys, and Cemex makes her well-versed in manufacturing market expertise, business development, and global institutional relations. She also supports the company in its advisory roles for Mexican governments on foreign investment attraction.


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