USMCA Solutions

USMCA Solutions

Domestic business; regional benefits.

Domestic business; regional benefits.
The flagship solution from Prodensa USA. In our newest chapter, we aim to build a more competitive region by maximizing the potential of North American operations.
Inshoring, Domestic business; regional benefits.

Our Approach


– Pain points
– Challenges
– Market trends
– Business case


– Cost model
– Logistics
– Operations flow
– Validation


– Site selection
– Import/Export
– Talent admin
– Account payable


– Talent redention
– Compilance
– Capacity expansions

Production Network Analysis
A roadmap to build a North American production network that improves profitability, enables growth, supports strategic initiatives and creates sustainable competitive advantage. For companies undergoing risk management for supply chain disruptions, labor shortage, pricing constraints or at risk of losing key capabilities.
  • Feasible scenarios based on business case and goals
  • Financial impact from actions needed and risk assumed
  • Capability build for needed organizational change
Inshoring Manufacturing Services
The most risk-adverse operational model to manufacture in Mexico. Inshoring increases access to human capital and manufacturing capabilities in Mexico while easing the regulatory burden on international operations. For companies seeking expansion without exposure.
  • Manufacturing services delivered from our Houston, TX office
  • Access to our pre-established & certified, bi-national IMMEX operating structure
  • Full protection of intellectual property and manufacturing process
Mindfacturing in Mexico
Labor costs are on the rise and access to the right labor is increasingly challenging. Mindfacturing is a custom solution to building agile teams in North America, leveraging access to a cost-beneficial talent supply found in Mexico. For companies seeking an Employer of Record service in Mexico, compliant with international operational and outsourcing regulation.
  • US-based services contract and billing
  • Full employment control – choose team, transfer your culture, govern KPIs
  • Mexican operations team for superior customer service and employee experience
U.S. Startup Project Management
When a binational operating structure requires a strategic U.S. footprint, our Project Management experts utilize our established network to drive results. For companies growing their core business, exploring new markets, or strengthening capabilities. The United States is both the world’s largest consumer market and a platform for global growth.
  • Business development strategy, social media branding, supplier development
  • Business incorporation, site selection, construction
  • Ongoing support for taxes, payroll, insurance, logistics, international trade

Case Studies

A faster beginning under USMCA

Trade regulations were in flux while the USMCA was being finalized. It was during this period that our client realized that it was time to relocate its production to this continent to better serve its network of North American clients and have the possibility to close new deals.

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