Prodensa Congratulates Regal Rexnord on New Manufacturing Plant in Chihuahua 

Commending Regal Rexnord’s Expansion: A Celebratory Moment at the Inauguration of Their New Manufacturing Plant in Chihuahua Chihuahua, Mexico – April 4, 2024  Prodensa, a leading global consulting firm specializing in business expansion and workforce solutions, extends its warmest congratulations to Regal Rexnord on the grand inauguration of their new manufacturing plant in the city […]

Nearshoring and the AEO Advantage in Mexico

The rise of nearshoring to Mexico presents a wealth of opportunities for companies looking to optimize their supply chains and tap into the North American market. However, concerns about security and border delays can sometimes be a hurdle. This is where Mexico’s Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program steps in, offering a powerful advantage for nearshoring […]

A History of Manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico has been the industrial driver for economic growth in Mexico. It continues to compel the development of key talent that has become the cornerstone for North American competitiveness. An Integration Region The North American economies are intertwined as well as dependent. In fact, $0.40 cents of content imported to the United States […]

Industrial Corridors in Mexico

Industrial Corridors in Mexico Industrial corridors refer to geographical areas that have a concentration of manufacturing, industrial and logistics activities. There are numerous corridors across Mexico. They play a critical role in shaping the North American manufacturing and industry sectors’ future. Mexico’s industrial corridors have great significance in boosting the country’s economic development, while reinforcing […]

The IMMEX Program in Mexico: a quick guide

IMMEX Program Simplified The Mexican IMMEX Program (Manufacturing, Maquila and Export Service Industry) is an instrument which allows companies to operate under a preferential tax and fiscal program. Foreign companies can transform and export goods or services temporarily brought to Mexico under this incentive program. The IMMEX Program aims to enable foreign companies to produce […]

The IMMEX Framework

The Mexican federal government created the IMMEX Program to promote foreign investment in Mexico. It allows companies to temporarily import goods for manufacturing, transformation, or repair for subsequent export or return abroad. This program grants access to import duties referral and a value-added tax credit program. However, companies are closely monitored and violations incur strict […]

The US-Mexico Border Boom: a Look into the Thriving Cross-Border Manufacturing Industry

Explore the comprehensive resources of the US-Mexico border economy, trade boom, transportation infrastructure, and cross-border collaboration. Full e-book download here. The Rise of Cross-Border Manufacturing The roots of the cross-border manufacturing boom trace back to the Maquiladora Program, implemented in the 1960s. This program allowed foreign firms to establish factories in Mexico and import materials […]