Case study: Spreading a better perception

The Client:

Spreading a better perception

The Challenge:
The company was hit with, literally, viral stories. Posts through social media incorrectly claiming the spread of COVID-19 among its employees at their manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico were being shared constantly. It was a bad publicity maelstrom. 
Our Solution:
Openness and clarity is always the way forward for a Public Relations crisis. We decided to manage this case through the ideas and leadership of our PR experts at PRODENSA. Together with their team they developed the implementation of an efficient and clear communication strategy. Within 1 month, the social media credibility of the company was reinstated. Thanks to a new fanpage, the team managed to create a renewed sense of pride for the employees. An ongoing project that shows that even in the worst moments, we are capable of delivering successful turnarounds in the perception and social media buzz of our clients. All is possible through dedicated and clear social & traditional media monitoring. Listen, think and make a great connection.

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