Case study: Economic investment for brighter horizons

The Client:

Economic investment for brighter horizons

The Challenge:
When you are in charge of government, progress and investment is always a constant motivation. This is what led to this administration to contact us in 2016 in order to improve the results of their Economic Development Department. New ideas and pathways for foreign investors were needed as soon as possible. There was no vote needed for that.
Our Solution:
Strategic understanding is always the way forward. That is why we offered a thorough investment consulting. We compiled a detailed study of supply and demand on the Industrial & Logistic Infrastructure Sector. At the same time, we assessed the existing capabilities of the sector currently operating in Sinaloa and identified the gaps in infrastructure and practices that were becoming a hindrance for attracting major new investments in the state.

Using our intelligence unit we developed a plan for how to craft a complete turnaround on foreign investment. This has started to bear fruit, in the form of the first brand new industrial park. One year of work that will have lasting impact on the economic future of an entire region for decades to come. A moment in time that has ripples of benefits across generations. This is why we work for: shaping ideas that become positive financial realities for our clients.

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