Case study: Driving innovation in transportation services

The Client:

Driving innovation in transportation services

The Challenge:
In 2019, the road ahead for this company from Monterrey, Mexico required a comprehensive review and assessment of potential network of suppliers for their transportation commitments. The providers had to fulfill the trifecta of quality of service, scheduling commitment and competitive costs. They were seeking a transformative solution that drove them to a better future.
Our Solution:
Led by our Quality Director, we researched a wide array of possible providers and their qualifications. It was research driven by a common goal: excellence.

We provided our client with comparative charts that could best sum up the differences between the options according to the quality of their services. Momentum created by facts.

As a way forward, we set up a detailed action plan with the tasks ahead on the way for continuous improvement.

The finish line was achieved, becoming a “Certified Vendor Program” by PRODENSA, which widened their reach of prospective clients. A project that is still active with us and that continues to advance towards constant innovation.

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