Case study: A faster beginning under USMCA

The Client:

A faster beginning under USMCA

The Challenge:
Trade regulations were in flux while the USMCA was being finalized. It was during this period that our client realized that it was time to relocate its production to this continent to better serve its network of North American clients and have the possibility to close new deals.
Our Solution:
It was a complex problem, so we decided to break it apart into three distinctive but cohesive solutions.

First, we provided a Country of Origin Analysis, which allowed our client to obtain a clear guide of which production processes were needed to be relocated to Mexico; at the same time we performed a worldwide Duty Analysis of materials and final products to make that new supply chain work as efficiently as possible.

Second, we established an operational strategy to assure that the best model of operation was in place. This resulted in over 2 million USD of savings for the client from what they had previously budgeted for the relocation.

Finally, we set up our signature Start-Up program, so they could easily scale and transfer their business to a new context. This was extremely useful for the knowledge transfer of a company that belongs to Industry 4.0. At the same time, they recognized that the Mexican team members that we helped to recruit were top-tier compared to other parts of the world.

It is a success story that will bring efficiency, increased profits and a new network of deals for the company and a new industrial powerhouse to the state of Coahuila.

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