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Manufacturing Startup

With boots on the ground experience of 35 years in the manufacturing industry and start up operations in Mexico; we are your strategic partner throughout the entire manufacturing project in Mexico and North America. Prodensa ensures integrated guidance and support focusing on due diligence compliance, execution, and applied knowledge from the start up to ongoing operations of your manufacturing project.

We offer the right mix of team experts, a combination of advisory and operations with the know-how and skills to solve even the most demanding tasks. We can help you define the best strategy for your manufacturing project with flexible and focused solutions based on our client’s needs.

Our expertise in this field shows our attention to detail. We have been part of more than 1000 projects of start up operations in Mexico from different countries of origin and different industries such as: automotive, aerospace, medical, plastics, metal mechanics, IT & technology, energy among others.


Prodensa Manufacturing Start Up Services comprises three main phases:

  • Pre-Operative Phase (From Company Incorporation until the company is Production-ready).
  • Operative Phase (Ongoing outsourcing of administrative areas).
  • Phase Out (transfer of the operation to the customer’s on-site team).

Did you know many companies have been successful thanks to Nearshoring and Reshoring to Mexico their manufacturing operations?

Benefits of Nearshoring and Reshoring your manufacturing project to Mexico:

  • Lower your costs with qualified labor in a country with a demographic bonus so you can be and remain competitive.
  • Expand operations to a country with thriving commercial treaties with the USA so you can take the advantages that come attached to these relationships, which means more benefits for your company.
  • Select a strategic location that helps lower your logistic costs and times so your product can reach your customers faster, which means more efficient fulfillment times

    For over 35 years, we’ve been assisting more than 1000 foreign investors in the manufacturing industry, taking advantage of nearshoring their operations to Mexico.

What do you need to take into consideration for a manufacturing start up in Mexico? Click here for detailed information. 

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