USMCA Solutions

USMCA Solutions

Domestic business; regional benefits.

The flagship solution from Prodensa USA. In our newest chapter, we aim to build a more competitive USMCA. USMCA solutions are the most risk-adverse operational models that give you the benefits of total business control while limiting risk to your brand, labor compliance, legal and tax exposure.



Manufacture in Mexico but do business with our U.S. branch. Focus on your intellectual property and allow us to manage all the liabilities associated with manufacturing in a foreign country. Get up and running fast; your Mexico project is closer than you might imagine.


Inshoring Mindfacturing

We provide solutions for mind-made productivity. Labor costs are on the rise. Companies are implementing technology that permits employees to work anywhere in the world. Mindfacturing is your solution for building a stronger workforce and a more competitive USMCA. Read more about the strengths of Mexican administrative professionals here.

Inshoring, Domestic business; regional benefits.

Case Studies

A faster beginning under USMCA

Trade regulations were in flux while the USMCA was being finalized. It was during this period that our client realized that it was time to relocate its production to this continent to better serve its network of North American clients and have the possibility to close new deals.

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