Case study: Stronger relationships amidst a pandemic

The Client:

Stronger relationships amidst a pandemic

The Challenge:
The global pandemic posed different difficulties to every operating business around the world and our client was not the exception. Due to the extended quarantine most of their non-essential operations had to temporarily shut down. Because of this, there was an urgent need to understand completely how to comply with regulations and how to maintain an open channel of communications with the government regarding their operations in order to maintain them up and running.
Our Solution:
Led by our CEO Emilio Cadena, we understood that the continued operation of our client required a heightened focus. That is why our Institutional Relations Unit took charge and devised an executive action plan to support decision-making and avoid more significant production disruptions. This was part of our Consulting Solutions for COVID-19 that we developed as the disease spread across the world.

At the same time, we strengthen the strategy between our client and the current government administration by aligning objectives and consolidating understanding through stakeholder mapping. It was an energetic synergy that gave a new operational spark to our clients’ needs in a very unusual global context. An inspirational industry story of adaptation and strategy through trying times.

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